The Best Chrome Diopside

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We are your best source for chrome diopside gemstones. All of our chrome diopside gemstones come from Russia (Siberia). Sometimes chrome diopside is also called Russian diopside, Siberian emerald, vertelite, or green diopside.

We carry a large inventory of chrome diopside gems in all shapes and sizes.
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Our photographs are unique and actual for each diopside gemstone, as well as each description and grading. We don’t use any stock photography of any kind. As such, it takes us time to list new gemstones. Also, this makes it impossible for us to sell small sizes individually, which is why we photograph small sizes in lots that can be used to make jewelry.

We do carry a small selection of chrome diopside jewelry, perfect for a gift giving occasion.

Enjoy the diopsode,
Adam & the Diopside Lovers team.
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